Scientific Word

Scientific Word 6.0

Scientific Word makes creating professional documents easy

Scientific Word makes creating professional documents easy. With Scientific Word, you compose mathematical, scientific, and technical documents with the keyboard using natural mathematical notation. You can choose whether to publish your document on the Web using HTML or PDF, or print it with or without LaTeX typesetting.

In Scientific Word, you can choose to typeset complex technical documents with LaTeX, the industry standard for mathematics typesetting. Because of its precision and quality, publishers and writers of scientific material use LaTeX extensively. When you typeset, LaTeX automatically generates footnotes, indexes, bibliographies, tables of contents, and cross-references.

This typesetting power comes without your having to learn LaTeX. Many of the more than 150 document shells have been designed to meet the typesetting requirements of specific professional journals and institutions. Scientific Word automatically saves your documents as LaTeX files. You can concentrate on writing a correct paper; Scientific Word makes it a beautiful one.

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